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By Madhumitha K S

One would have definitely heard of the game PUBG. The hash tag ‘winner winner chicken dinner’ had made it to the headlines a couple of years ago by being tagged as one of the most popular esport of all time. This game, also called Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds attracted the attention of a number of players ranging from ten year olds to forty year olds.

The 2017 game took its players and the audience by storm. The number of users was million in number. The more the game was played, the more revenue it created – few million dollars a day. The success of the game led to the development of its various versions in tablets, personal computers and mobile phones. Huge events were held to increase the number of players.

With a billion players, this shooter game has moderate graphics with average controls. The main weapons are firearms and a few more modified weapons that pump one’s adrenaline.

The factor that makes the game addictive is that it gets better when one begins playing with friends. The conversation with friends who are fellow players and the way players stimulate each other while playing aggravates this addiction. The game’s map keeps mitigating and that creates pressure on the player who desperately wants a victory.

The game also has its exciting moments that increase one’s heartbeat. One has to remain focused to sense the arrival of the enemy. They can be right behind and yet one cannot know. The final encounter is a battle between two that demands concentration. It can even cause physical exhaustion – but one desires to keep playing the game again and again.

The experience of playing PUBG is very personal. People have gone to the extent of losing their lives playing this game. The main idea of this game is to defend oneself and collect weapons while avoid getting injured or killed in the battle. There are about hundred players.

The more you play, the more addictive this game becomes. Beware and enjoy your time!

By Madhumitha K S

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