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By Manisha Chalia

Tiny little eyes looking at me

Looking for love, looking for peace

Looking for a home that she lost

When one of mine cut it down for a scene

Down and down she fell

In the horror of unsafety

Brought to my door unknowingly

Curled up in scare freeze

I held her in my arms lovingly

Maybe some water could heal

Only a drop she took in her beak

Her breath looking for an energy motherly

I would call you Lucifer

Because like human, you fell from a tree

But what if you are a girl?

That’s okay, then you will be Lucy

We made her a bed

And put her down by the heat

What else could I have done?

Trying to feed a different species

She would hop on my lap

Sit on my shoulder willingly

Little did I know, I was looking

Through the end of her mortality

For a day, she had a home

She had everything she could need

However, life is a hoax

And she didn’t agree to this reality

They say nothing couldn’t be saved by love

As her body getting cold kept me from peace

I made her sit in the sun

Anyway, she waited for me

To hold her close to my heart

Sitting in the nest of my palm

A sunken feeling and my tear breached

As Lucy’s last breath released

Through my pain, I wished her peace

Guided her to the realm of inevitability

Where her soul won’t be lost in dark

Where love would take her care for eternity

I buried her across the street

Across my house, across that tree

Across my heart wishing to see her alive

Across her pain, where she was free

By Manisha Chalia

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