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By C Pallavi Reddy

Happy Birthday to my most favourite person❤️ and i believe you are the person I want to fall for again and again💫.You make me believe in love,life more than ever✨.I met you when I was in a 'I want nobody in my life🙅' phase and you turned it to ' I love to have this person in my life👫'. Thanks for being just the way you are🌲. You are rare,special and i wish I get the chance to cherish you for most of the time I get to be on Earth 🌎🫂.

I never felt anything like this for a person.I never wished for a person so much to be in my life.I really tried to be practical and i can be with the whole world but not you.I understand why people go beyond their limits for love and it is the only thing that makes you forget your limits.I have no exact words for what i really feel for you.I wish you always be the happiest person and the man i always admire.I want to love you in the hard way,easy way,'you are my only one' kind of way,'my life feels lovely with you' kind of way,'i crave for your presence' kind of way, and in whatever way possible.It may have happened accidentally,but i chose you on purpose.I think i can't stop thinking about you ever.You have become a part of my life and no matter what,a part of me will always love you.All these situations are just teaching me different ways to love.

By C Pallavi Reddy

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