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By Nilanjan Suklabaidya

The biggest history of yesterday

The biggest mystery of today

The biggest lesson for tomorrow

Everyone has their own findings of love

It is a pure empathy

It is a feeling of joy

It is way to cope up with remorse

It is bright and powerful like sun

It is calm and beautiful like a full night moon

It is like a view of mesmerizing scenery

You can’t take your eyes off, you’re never full of it

People are afraid of admitting their love for they might get hurt

People are afraid of love for they might lose it

People are afraid of love for their family

People are afraid of love for being left alone after

People are afraid of the fact that you’re not alone anymore

People are afraid of trusting in love

People are hurting because of love

There are many who never tried again to love

There are many who are trying but not able to express their love to that person

Love is a dream anyone can see it

Very few are there who can achieve it

Love is a bond of two souls

Love is a bond of two families

Love is a bond of two worlds

Love is understanding each other at their worst

Love is caring for each other without saying

Love is expressing yourself to them

Love is listening to them

Love is a gift you give without even asking

Love is sharing everything without thinking twice

Love is a bond you can’t always name it

Love is so beautiful sometimes even with the one sided love you can spent your whole life seeing them happy

Love is so shiny you are always shinning near it

Love is bit gloomy too sometimes you stumble laughing

Love is powerful enough not to let you give up

Love is inspiring enough to inspire you doing wonders.

Love is majestic enough to always tuck you inside it

By Nilanjan Suklabaidya

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