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By Neda Fatima

love is a beautiful emotion….

it's meaning does not change with Seasons….

We live and die but in between….

you must fall in love for sure within …..

because love is the essence of life….

and is the reason for our existence ….

love is the force that make us do,

and achieve anything we want to ….

It's not a hurdle but a propeller,

Which makes us reach our goal….

I suggest , if you find true love ever…..

don't let it go for any reason…..

for true love never happens again and again….

is the gift from God by chance….

true love can make you joyful and Shine ….

and can Spark current in your mind ….

and give memories to cherish forever…

love is an emotion catched by eyes,

so guard your eyes well …

because it can tell no lies ….

so experience love once in your life ,

Coz it gives you a reason to smile for lifetime….

By Neda Fatima

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