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By Vivaan Khedkar

What is life?

It is nothing but a speck of dust in the vastness of time The universe existed years before I came And it will be there for years after I'm dead And no matter how great my fame

Some day, for the last time my name will be said And thus, I shall be forgotten

Time you see, is something quite rotten

The fastest

The strongest

The smartest

Nobody may be able to beat them

But time,

Time is the only power that can meet them

Time can break the greatest peak

Kill the strongest men

Make the world seem bleak

Turn hundreds into bearly ten

But while my life may be a speck of dust

In the vast abyss of time

In the time that I have

To enjoy it is a must

Does it really matter?

Topping an exam?

Getting a promotion?

Winning an argument?

Losing a competition?

Yes, one life is a speck of dust in our vast abyss But without even one speck of dust

The world would not be the same, would it?

By Vivaan Khedkar

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