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I Am

By Vaishali Neotia

I am free

I am whole I am scarred I am me

I am real

I am Battered I am bruised I can heal

I am love

I am around I am below I am above

I can stand

For my belief For my speech up my hand

I feel

I breathe

I soar

I kneel

I slide

I walk

I run

I glide

I cry

I wallow

I hide

I fly

I scream

I fight

I hug

I dream

I need

I don’t

I ignore

I heed

I bleed

I birth

I don’t

I decreed

I make up

I dress up

I just go

As I wake up

I am homo I am hetero I am none

No Fomo

I am single I am two

I am social

I don’t mingle

I am barefoot I am high

I’m in heels I stay put

I roam

I eat out

I cook

I am home

I swear

I pray

I Cover up

I am bare

I tell

I ask

I solo

I gel

I ambition

I climb

I just be

No mission

I am new

I am old

I am Straight I am askew

I wear saree I wear pants I shave

I am hairy

I am scary

I am Strict

I am mushy I am Mary

I have tresses I am bald

I am tattooed I do presses

I am a biker I am a nurse I am a teacher I am a hiker

I can dance I can sing

I can stitch

I can darn

I am sorry

I am proud

I am calm

I am worry

I am hot

I am cold

I am silver

I am gold

I am France

I am Japan

I am Hip hop

I am Trance

I am vegan

I am Veggie

I eat meat

I eat gluten

I love cats

I love dogs

I love dairy

And fur hats

I am hourglass

I am pear

I am apple

I am grass

I am WIP

I am magnum opus I am nobody

I am a VVIP

I am they

I am she

I am her

I don’t say

I am mist

I am air

I am seen I exist

I am free

I am wholeI am scarredI am me

By Vaishali Neotia

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