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By Vijayendra Shrivastava

I've been trying to put pieces into my story

Fixing shards to bring back its glory

Perhaps I lost it and never realised

Because when I search for myself

I couldn't find

The loss, that never got evaluated

The loss, that has never been compensated

I'm not sure what they took away from me

My mind, body, soul or identity

Maybe, they destroyed all of it

Maybe, Underneath the debris lies my dignity

Shall I consider it, a phase, not the entire life

Shall I reconstruct and put no ear to jive

But for whom shall I do it, is it me that wanted

Or rebuild it, so someone could someday, just stunt it...

If I re-do it, I need to re-invest

If I leave it just the way it is, shards keep piercing my chest

Before building anything what if I build a wall

So I might not have to answer any call

Will this help me protect or perhaps could save me from the fall

Maybe I should make it concrete and put fencing

Till the time I'm busily re-constructing

This will keep me defending

So shutting doors for all, keeping a window open

Letting me through that window, till I fix all my broken

Wait... I find peace here!

No threats, no need, self & alone is sufficient

Did I ever need anyone earlier?

Ohh… I guess... I was wrong

And this...??

This is magnificent!

Doors are locked forever, keys are buried underground

A window is enough for everyone

This is home! no more a playground

By Vijayendra Shrivastava

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