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By Devanshi Assija

Some say it’s a waste of time,

Some say it’s all they would like.

But how really is it

To have a friend for life?

Is it like the sweet sound of music?

Or the bitter taste of crying?

Or is it like the warmth of one’s comforter on a cold, windy night?

To laugh till you cry,

To share your sorrows and your smile,

To never leave and stand by your side,

Such is having a friend for life.

These were mere words,

Didn’t really mean much.

But along you came,

Turning all the hate to love.

For that I thank you,

For being the one with whom I could grow.

Don’t know how I would’ve made it here

If not for the miracle, I call, YOU.

By Devanshi Assija

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