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By Adithi Banerjee Tarafdar

Look, there goes

The last remnant

Of my mortal life

My last desire

My last smile

My last whisper

My last sigh

Then what am I now?

Yes, I am

But maybe not me within.

Somewhat detached

Somewhat unmoving

Somewhat unfazed

Looking ahead

Towards the unknown

I keep moving

Nothing tugs now

At the soul strings

It’s good that way

No more confusion

That envelops the mind

No more needs and desires

No more crippling

Self persecution

I've finally come to terms

With me.

So, I remain silent

Most of the days now

Live in the moment

Live in the now

The past doesn’t

Arouse me

The future doesn’t

Pique my interest

I’m living in the now

The absolute moment

I’m living me.

By Adithi Banerjee Tarafdar

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