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By Sindhu Sreenivasa Naik

Born with a love spoon

I breathed as i began to live

And reaped as i began to see

I let loose my inner child and ran with my eyes

Loudest in the room and unsparing with my words

I was I - the spirit of freedom.

Yesterday i was never the one

and today i lay on the tamed hill

as a crown sits heavy on my head

that bears not my name

as i was meant to be the other

but the truth will never be said.

Free breathing or to speak the truth that will set me free,

I wonder what I want to fight for more?

but whatever i say the truth will never be heard.

i see you looking for undeserving vanity and a chance to boast,

as you embrace everyone in, with your ego and smile standing tall as you, Father!

While i sit on a twisted life with a disturbed footprint,

I can’t, but to wonder what makes me more wretched?

becoming the pretense moon to your pompous affair

Or surrendering into becoming you

With sadness crumbled in my heart and flesh that gave in to your will,

I walk in to finish what you started.

a promise above my life,

and a life debt that ends with you and begins with him.

With no thread to stitch this tear

And the crown i wish not to wear

I begin to end….

As i walk into new fidelity fated for me,

amongst the splendour of disguised men who call themself sane,

i see you smiling the loudest, thus far in the heaven

and i wonder if it's too late to call for truce

and come back into your arms again..

So together you hold me in your eyes and just sing me our song

and as one we can drift back into our dreams

and find our whimsical playhouse

where you are no father and i am no daughter

but just two kids who want to be free!!!

By Sindhu Sreenivasa Naik

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