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By Dhanishtha De

I’ve never been fake

Lived for my own sake

Never really been disappointed

Disappointment is what I expect anyway

Not for a moment did I wish for anyone’s downfall

Because I simply don’t care

Call me selfish, but the world is ruthless

If you have a problem with me, deal with it

I’m not changing myself for anybody

Do whatever the hell you want to

Imma mind my own business

That’s why I’m good at keeping secrets

Never once have I been something I’m not

I give my honest opinions, don’t care if they hurt

Yes, I’m a narcissist

But shouldn’t everyone be?

All these stories of me taking rounds

Didn’t bother me then, don’t bother me now

Gotta admit that life’s not great

But I’m better than most people my age

I’m in college, with a full time job

Don’t take a single quid from my family

But that doesn’t mean they’re proud

Hell, they don’t even talk to me anymore

But that’s okay, I’m handling my life like a pro

Even though at the end of the month I’m broke

I’m eighteen, seen enough shit

Have the calibre to pay for my own bills

I’m tough and independent

Top of my class, even with a truckload of stress

Self taught in two foreign languages

Still got a long way to go to earn respect

Sometimes I do wish I could live like a normal teenager

But if that would have been, I would’ve been weaker

Even though I would have been happier

The version of me right now is what I prefer

I guess this poem was a self introduction

Reading it back and I can see it’s not good

But at least it’s honest and non generic

At least it’s not about love

By Dhanishtha De

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